Welcome to 365 days of Reading Music Piano Blog for Pianists

The time has come to put this music site back on the web and no better time could possibly occur than right now!

We're so excited to bring a musical piano version 365daysofreading.com back on the map, and we hope you will be too!

We're going to use static HTML, because quite frankly it's the safest kid in town. Did you know how many thousands of wordpress sites get hacked each day - you don't wanna know!

So, keep checking back frequently, because this mamma is gonna be big - it's going to be bigger than ever - HUGE, as Trump would've said. This 365 days of reading is going to be the biggest book review on the web.

Blogging about pianists and piano related stuff is so much fun - there is so much to talk about and mention. This is just a short intro of all the fun that is to come. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the temperature in the room will be going up substantially.

So, that's all for now folks. It's going to be quite a wild ride soon, so get a fresh breath of air while you're at it.

So, what will the piano blog be about?

Well, it'll be about piano music - that's for sure. But it'll also have an interesting take since all the posts will be written by a practicing concert pianist, quite a neurotic one actually. Your guaranteed to be amused - another surefire point.

What Will The Piano Blog Posts Be About?

The posts will feature standard topics that interest pianists of all types, all walks of life and more. There will be things in the score that shock, things that beg further evaluation and much more.

You'll discover the innerworkings of a pianist's life, what makes him/her tick, how the profession has evolved, what it takes to really make it, how to get more proficient fingers and much, much more.

Most importantly, you'll discover hidden aspects of the music you never knew existed. You'll never see the score the same way again. It'll be a fascinating journey - I promise!